SMR Projects Ltd sponsorship of elite cyclist Helen Wyman

SMR Projects Ltd, UK distributors of Xypex waterproofing by crystalization, are proud to support a range of sports through our sponsorship programme.

Since the beginning of 2018, SMR have sponsored world-class cyclist Helen Wyman under the Xypex brand. Helen is one of the best women’s cyclocross riders in the world, as well as a pioneer for female sports. As our sponsorship comes to a close, we look back at a time of triumph, collaboration, support and partnership.


From the start of our relationship with Helen and her team, the importance of sponsorship to the competitive landscape of professional cycling was clear. Through the provision of financial support, title sponsorship can make all the difference. Without such partnerships training time, professional expertise and competitive focus can be compromised.

Furthermore, sponsorship can re-enforce wider belief in sports participation and the possibilities of what can be achieved; for individuals and teams, but also for the greater good. Securing business backing to inject capital behind a sport or sports person helps give exposure to a wider audience. Moreover for the sponsor, being part of the sports season can be enlightening and emboldening. Witnessing first-hand what can be accomplished through hard work, team effort, stamina and perseverance is as relevant to business as it is to cycling.


SMR Projects operate in an industry that is working to improve inclusivity at all professional levels. The recent strides taken to create more opportunity and diversity in high level sports has been great to see. Although there is much more work to be done in both business and the sporting arena, there is common ground. Furthermore, recognising and nurturing ability is key to the collective success within a team, sport or industrial sector.

When selecting SMR Project’s sponsorship programme for 2018-19, Helen Wyman was the perfect fit. Helen’s commitment to her sport, as well as to creating real opportunities for the next generation of cyclists is inspiring; a great example of what can be achieved with belief and determination.


It’s been an eventful time. Along with many triumphs, there have been challenges and turning points. Here’s a few highlights we’d like to share.

December 2017

SMR Projects Ltd agreed to be title sponsors under the Xypex brand, alongside Verge Sport for 2018-2019. Read about how we got involved in Cyclocross magazine >

January 2018

The Big Reveal Xypex Sponsorship announced publicly on 1st January.
Helen’s first race under Xypex sponsorship at Sven Nys GP in Baal later that day.
Helen took delivery of Xypex branded merchandise including mugs and product information.
Helen wins 2018 UK Cyclocross National Championships for 2nd year.
Read about Helen’s win in the National Cyclocross Championships >
Xypex mugs make an appearance in Helen’s trailer.

April 2018

Paris to Ancaster, Canada race – Helen comes 3rd woman overall and 1st in age category and 53rd overall amongst 1623 finishers. Read about the KindHuman bike behind the ride >

September 2018

2018/19 season starts.

October 2018

Helen wins the C2 race on day 1 of Jingle Cross in Iowa, US.

November 2018

Xypex soft-shell jackets delivered for the team.
Xypex soft-shell spotted in the far distance on Stef…The Xypex blue is so prominent in the pits it could have been planned that way!

December 2018

DVV Trophy Series, Loenhout, Belgium, including Helen 100 Trophy. Read more about the trophy on Velo News >

January 2019

Helen podiums in the National Championships her last race under the Xypex-Verge name.
Helen joins Expera-Footlogix Cyclocross Team, Belgium, keeping Xypex as her personal sponsor.

February 2019

Helen’s last win as an elite women’s rider at Waregem Cyclocross Masters, her penultimate race.
Helen’s final race at Oostmalle, Belgium.

March 2019

Following Helen’s Instagram account, we see that Stef still has his Xypex soft-shell on! We realise the team like their light-weight durability and easy-to-spot bright colour during pit stops!


SMR Projects couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador for the Xypex brand. Alongside her close-knit team, Helen Wyman has worked hard to keep Xypex at the core of her coverage. This included some amazing moments captured on camera, shared on social media and reported in interviews, articles and Helen’s online blog. Not only has this provided regular brand exposure during the season, but also some great material for communicating our business long term.

However, we also recognise how lucky we have been to have such a positive representative for Xypex. On and off the bike, here and overseas, during great wins and in the face of challenges, Helen has been a consummate professional of the highest standing. What a great example for the brand, our colleagues and our team.


Alongside her achievements in the field, Helen has been a long-term advocate for greater equality in cyclocross on and off the bike.

Financial restraints are often a barrier to getting in to the sport. Recognising this, Helen created the #Helen100 initiative. As a result of the scheme, 100 women under the age of 23 have their the entry fees paid for at the national cyclocross championships in Kent.

On the back of this campaign, Helen also established the Helen 100 Trophy for girls aged 15 to 19. As a result, the first junior women’s race was held at Loenhout, Belgium, as part of the DVV Trophy Series. This was particularly significant as it is part of one of the world’s biggest cyclocross events. Furthermore, the race was held on 20th December 2018, the 20th anniversary of the first women’s elite race.


After a challenging year, Helen took the difficult decision to retire from top level professional cycling. Whatever she choses to do next, we wish Helen all the very best.

In conclusion to a fantastic sponsorship, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Helen, Stef and Alonso for all their hard work. It has given us both great pride and pleasure to be associated with Helen and her sport, as well as the causes for which she advocates and works so tirelessly.