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Basements & Substructures

The nature of Xypex Admix C-Series means it has been used to simplify installation as a stand-alone waterproofing solution to many structures across the UK.

Chemical Protection

The self-healing crystalline growth that is synonymous with Xypex is the very process that aids protection against chemical attack by closing off the routes into the concrete.


Industrial facilities are aggressive environments. Xypex has been used to waterproof and perhaps more importantly, aid durability to prolong the life of these structures by resisting harmful chemicals.


Concrete marine structures are constantly under attack from moisture and chloride induced corrosion. Once they reach the steel, an expansive oxidisation process begins causing cracks and spalling in the concrete. Xypex's crystallisation process resists this continuously to close off routes into the concrete.


The nature of Xypex Admix C-Series means installation is simplified as it is a stand-alone waterproofer. This added to the simplicity of precast can create a very easy combined solution.


As the origins of the Xypex system is through coatings Xypex has proven history for post applied waterproofing. With the addition of Megamix I and II we have a solution for all structural needs, concrete or block work / masonry can all be "seamlessly" linked together.

Suspended Decks & Roofs

The very nature of self-healing means that using Xypex in suspended concrete is not the risk that it is for traditional hydrophobic blockers. Xypex has time and time again proven that it can waterproof structures where pore blocking admixtures would require a change of design to reduce the crack width.

Water Retaining

In a wet environment Xypex continuous crystalline growth aids production against water ingress by working continuously to close off the routes into the concrete.