Market leaders in waterproofing products and services

Since 2003, SMR Projects has been the UK distributor of Xypex and Hydroswell products and supports its customers with an unprecedented package of knowledge, skills and service.

360 service delivered by our highly qualified internal team

SMR Projects supports Xypex’s market leading crystalline technology with the most comprehensive internal framework available on the market. We believe in providing a complete service from initial design to final warranty that achieves the highest standards of structural waterproofing for construction projects across the UK. We enable this with our team of CSSW qualified Technical Sales Managers who can take on design responsibility, via our team of Field Service Technicians who carry out pre pour inspections for every pour to our in-house CAD team.

All of our internal processes are accredited by UCAS ISO and reinforced by many years of combined concreting and waterproofing experience. We also have a dedicated in-house training facility based in Oxfordshire that allows us to hold both theoretical and practical demonstrations led by our Xypex Chemical Corporation trained trainers.

Single-point warranty

In addition to providing expert advice and application for Xypex products, our partnerships with companies that offer Type A and Type C solutions to allow us to offer a single point warranty in conjunction with our own Type B when more than one form of waterproofing is required to meet specific project requirements.


Pre Project:

  • Produce a full project specification detailing all elements of areas to be waterproofed for all parties including dual systems where necessary
  • Produce and distribute a complete Xypex Site QA Manual with all relevant information
  • Practically demonstrate the preparation, mixing and application for Xypex joint ancillaries
  • We are CSSW qualified and therefore we can take on the design responsibility for dual waterproofing system if required.
  • We can take the DWG drawings for the project and add the details for both systems into the project drawings, ensuring at each stage that the details are approved by our partner waterproofing supplier
  • We will issue a full in-depth dual Specification and Quality Plan including the waterproofing detail drawings we have created

During Project:

  • Confirm all concrete mix designs to ensure they meet the criteria for the use of Xypex Admix
  • Induction of ground workers through a toolbox talk on the use of the Xypex system prior to any concrete being placed
  • Instigation of a full QA and monitoring procedure for a secondary waterproofing system if required
  • Inspect, approve and sign off all Xypex to Xypex joint details prior to each pour, which ensures their inclusion in the Xypex warranty
  • Samples of delivery tickets from the previous pour checked against approved mix design and a copy filed on our system
  • Inspect, approve and sign off all cast in penetrations prior to concrete placement, which ensures their inclusion in the Xypex warranty
  • A visual inspection of previously placed concrete when the shutters have been struck, checking for bad compaction or any other relevant issue
  • Reporting and documenting any issues on site.
  • Raising reports and / or RFI’s to ensure correct completion of QA procedures
  • Instruction and demonstration of sealing tie bolt holes
  • All inspections recorded and retained in accordance with our QA system, a PDF copy is issued to site on completion of the inspection for inclusion in the Site QA Manual
  • Copies of plans for each level are marked up with individual inspections for visual confirmation of actual pour locations where inspections have been made (for SMR Projects internal use only)
  • Final inspection with all relevant parties at practical completion and project sign off
  • Issue of the warranty, which is made out to the project and therefore transferrable up the chain to the client

Post Project:

  • Full warranty issued
  • In the case of any waterproofing issues arising, full post project/warranty support is available through our on-site Field Service Technicians
  • Assessments and reports to support the resolution of retrospective faults cause by third parties