Concrete Waterproofing

Since 1969 Xypex crystalline technology has been used worldwide for concrete waterproofing, protection and enhancing the durability of concrete, in all climates and in a wide variety of construction situations. Xypex is specified and applied on thousands of major concrete structures around the world and the UK.

SMR Projects Ltd are the sole UK distributor for the Xypex crystalline product range and are just one of a network of distributors and licensees in over 70 countries around the world. SMR Projects Ltd specialise in the specification and use of the Xypex waterproofing system for concrete and masonry.


New and Retrospective Waterproofing

Because Xypex becomes an integral part of the concrete substrate, whether as Admix in new concrete, or retrospectively as a surface coating to concrete of any age, the Xypex system is uniquely effective and long lasting, ensuring protection is maintained for the life of the concrete.

Xypex also offers a range of crystalline products that are designed specifically to be applied as a surface coating to substrates other than concrete ie: blockwork/masonry, to give a totally waterproof environment. These products are designed for use even when there is a hydrostatic head of pressure.


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What is Xypex?

What is Xypex

Why Xypex and not a membrane?

What is Xypex

Aren’t all admixtures the same?

What is Xypex